Giving Back

Author: Maya Eter

Hi guys! I was scrolling through Facebook a little while ago and came across this picture that someone had posted. I thought it would be a great picture to share with my BFB family because, in my opinion, giving back and lifting up is in essence what Books for a Benefit stands for. I know sometimes we all get caught up with homework and exams and essays and we forget to be thankful for where we are. Having the chance to attend a prestigious university with thousands of dedicated students and staff members is a privilege that many kids do not have, and the ability for us to get to college was not simply the result of one standardized test score or a GPA, but the resources we had growing up and the support we had from our families, friends, and peers throughout our lives. It is important for us to keep this in mind, to always be thankful for the chances we have been given, and to continue to work hard in the rest of our college careers. But, just like Denzel Washington said, at the end of the day it's not just our accomplishments that matter, it's what we decide to do with them and how we choose to give back. For a lot of us, Books for a Benefit is our way of giving back. We're giving students who don't always have the same resources and support that we had the chance to fall in love with reading and learning the same way that we all did, and this love for learning will steer them in the direction of a brighter and better future.

Hope everyone is having a great winter break and can't wait to see you all when winter semester starts up! + Happy [almost] New Year :)