March Madness: National Reading Month

Author: Nisha Patel 

From the NCAA's annual basketball tournament to the widespread celebration of St. Patrick's Day and even loss of an hour through Daylight Savings, the month of March truly brings with itself a sense of mania at all levels whether an event is month-long, a day long, or even an hour. In addition to this, March is also known as the national reading month, with March 2nd being the National Read Across America day. 

Although this declaration of March as "reading month" brings awareness to literacy issues, the scope of reading nonetheless applies beyond March. In fact, there is a nonprofit organization called Read Aloud 15 Minutes that works towards getting children to read for at least 15 minutes every day. By having children read for 15 minutes seems like a small step, but can be additive to ultimately culminate in having a huge impact on a child's life and development. Reading for 15 minutes every day for 5 years totals to 27,375 minutes, the equivalent of reading for 465.25 hours. In this way, 15 minutes of reading represents a small step that brings a kid one step closer to a brighter future full of opportunities. 

Thus, as you pick out a book to join in on the reading madness of March, please contribute to the fight for literacy! Whether you are able to donate books for our cause or read aloud to someone 15 minutes a day, you will be making a difference. 

For more information about Read Aloud 15 Minutes, check out this link