BFB Chapters

Books for a Benefit is based at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but we have chapters all throughout the state, so students from many different universities can get involved. Currently, we have established chapters at U of M-Ann Arbor, Michigan State University, Wayne State University, U of M-Dearborn, and the University of Detroit Mercy. If you are a student at any of those universities or if you live in the surrounding area of any of those universities, feel free to reach out to them and get involved!

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Michigan State University

Books for a Benefit chapter at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan

Presidents: Batoul Sadek, Abraham Aiyash

Secretary:  Zahraa Jawad

Treasurer: Jacquelyn Harajli

Tutoring Chair: Wanda Sankey 


Wayne State University

Books for a Benefit chapter at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan

Presidents:  Moe Damen & Mohamed Noureddine

Vice President: Juhie Sanjay-Mehta

Secretary: Rola Hariri 

Events Coordinator: Sara Abdullah & Jordan Phillips 

Tutoring Chair: Julia Hill

Outreach Chair: Bilal Bandar


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University of Michigan-Dearborn

Books for a Benefit chapter at the University of Michigan-Dearborn in Dearborn, Michigan

Presidents: Fatima Saad & Zeinab Saad 

Vice President: Marwa Saad

Tutoring Chair: Aliah Sareini

Secretary: Nadine Bazzi

Events Coordinator: Mariam Nasser

Media Office: Aishwarya Handa