Books For A Benefit

University of Michigan Ann Arbor School Chapter

530 South State Street

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104


Books For A Benefit University of Michigan Ann Arbor Chapter

Mission Statement

Books For A Benefit is an organization aiming to provide access to literacy resources in order to foster an appreciation for literacy and the benefits of reading and literacy.

The mission of Books for a Benefit is to address and improve educational disadvantages in low income areas. Books for a Benefit also has a purpose of promoting awareness, appreciation, and competency about the benefits of reading and literacy.

Article I


Section I: Books for a Benefit aims to create meaningful, thought-provoking, and enjoyable experiences, in order to create a worthwhile interest in the benefits of reading.

Section II: Books for a Benefit is determined and committed to fulfilling all plans, guidelines, and responsibilities as a student organization and promises to abide by the University of Michigan policies and procedures.

Section III: Books for a Benefit pledges to do whatever it possibly can to provide and assist those who ask for assistance in the fields of literacy and reading.

Section IV: We welcome diverse backgrounds and pledge to create a safe and inclusive environment for all.


Article II

Organizational Structure

Section I: Books for a Benefit shall include and be directed by an executive board consisting of members who will be instated into power by the procedures defined in Article III.

Section II: Upon election, all executive board members shall assume the responsibilities detailed in Article IV.

Section III: To avoid possible conflicts or potential ties during the election process, the number of executive board members should ideally be 11 members. These positions shall be:

•       Presidents (2)

•       Vice President

•       Secretary

•       Treasurer

•       Tutoring Chairs (2)

•       Marketing and Outreach Chairs (2)

•       Event Coordinator

• Policy Analyst

• Social Chair

• Community Engagement Chair

Section IV: In the event that the majority of the executive board sees fit, they reserve the right to add, remove, and/or change the positions or responsibilities of the executive board.


Article III



Section I: Books for a Benefit shall hold elections to vote the executive board members. Membership in the executive board must be renewed every year through the election process.

Section II: The general procedure for election nominations will proceed as follows:

A.  A current President will send out an e-mail to the Books for a Benefit mailing list announcing the upcoming elections. Individuals interested in running for any Executive Board position must reply and indicate the position(s) they are interested in running for in the time frame provided.

B.  The current Presidents will compile a list of the candidates before the elections and send out an email of all candidates.

C.  The term of office will begin immediately after the election and will continue until elections the following school year.

D.  Candidates will make a speech during the meeting on the designated election day.

E. Members of the organization will vote on a piece of paper and submit that piece of paper in a ballot box. The current President(s) will count the ballots and announce the winners.

Section III:   The election process for the Books for a Benefit Executive Board will proceed as follows:

A. Timing

• The elections will be held during the time between Mid-Winter Break and the end of the winter term for the following year’s Executive Board.

B. Qualifications

• Presidential candidates must have served at least one year on the Executive Board.

C. Executive Board Member Election Process

•  Active members at the elections can vote for the new Executive Board. In this process, each individual, whether on the Executive Board or a standard member, has one equal vote. Active member is defined as a member who has attended at least three meetings and paid dues in that academic year.


Article IV

Duties of Executive Board Members

Preamble: All executive board members are expected to assume any responsibilities that may arise. The following descriptors should not be thought of as an exhaustive list, but rather the minimum amount work for which each position holder should be held accountable.

Section I: The duties and responsibilities of the President are as follows:

•       Oversee, organize, and delegate responsibility of or pertaining to Books for a Benefit.

•       Ensure a smooth election process and transition from one executive board to the next.

•       Serve as a representative of Books For A Benefit in any situation that may arise.

•       Fulfill tasks assigned to him/her by the executive board or tasks that another executive board member is unable to fulfill.

•       The Presidents will have the final say in all events, ideas, and decisions in regards to the organizations philanthropy and funds. The Presidents must attend all but one of all meetings and events. Presidents are responsible for delegating work, overseeing all events, and taking charge of functionality of the organization.

Section II: The duties and responsibilities of the Vice President are as follows:

•       Oversee, organize, and delegate responsibility of or pertaining to Books For A Benefit.

•       Serve as a representative of Books for a Benefit in any necessary situation.

•   Communicate with the Community Engagement Chair to form external relationships.

•    Promote communication, teamwork, and organization between the executive board and the President(s).

Aide the President in the execution of their duties, thus reducing some of the President’s work burden.

Section III:   The duties and responsibilities of the Secretary are as follows:

·      Responsible for scheduling events

·      Responsible for creating task lists after meeting

.      Responsible for sending out weekly emails to the organization

.      Responsible for creating sign up sheets for events which require shifts

·      Responsible for sending out meeting minutes after every meeting

·      Responsible for booking meeting rooms and event rooms

·      Responsible for filling out and documenting all applications and forms.

Section IV:   The duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer are as follows:

·       Responsible for creating spreadsheets of organization expenses.

  • Ensuring that events are adequately funded by the organization, and refunding individuals who incur expenses on behalf of Books For a Benefit.

·       Responsible for contacting SOAS and learning about how to deal with the accounts.

·       Responsible for projection of costs for future events and maintaining financial solvency.

Section V:   The duties and responsibilities of the Tutoring Chair are as follows:

·      Responsible for managing weekly tutors/sending out reminders.

* Responsible for logistics of tutoring schedules and finding rides there and back for tutors

·      Responsible for corresponding with collaborate tutoring director about absences and issues in order to ensure that the structure of the program is compatible with the most beneficial method of providing the best tutoring experience

·      Responsible for keeping an open communication pathway with tutors and concerns and issues including but not limited to making sure tutors are accountable with absences, concerns are heard and addressed, an inexpensive and fair form of transportation is provided for all tutors, etc.  

·      Tutoring chair will also be responsible for the collection of pen-pal letters, distribution between University of Michigan students, and mailing the letters for delivery. This task can be delegated to a committee chair.

Section VI:  The duties and responsibilities of the Outreach Chair are as follows:

·      Responsible for establishing networks with other student organizations.

·      Responsible for emailing other organizations about events.

·      Responsible for creating Facebook events with marketing chairs to invite people to events.

·      Responsible for invitations and outreach to other cities and schools.

·      Responsible for emailing student organizations (even if you do not know them) to invite them to events.

Section VII: The duties and responsibilities of the Marketing Chairs are as follows:

·      Responsible for creating flyers, posters, etc. to showcase all events.

·   Responsible for managing social media accounts and updating the website

·      Responsible for working with the Policy Analyst on the organization’s blog.

Section VIII: The duties and responsibilities of the Project Manager are as follows:

  • Prepares all general member meetings with structured PowerPoints or interactive  activities related to topics including literacy, disparities, education, among others.

  • Coordinates large-scale projects including, but not limited to, the annual charity dinner, alternative spring break trips, and speaker events

  • Not an exhaustive list, also responsible for other tasks delegated by the Presidents or other eBoard members

Section IX: The duties and responsibilities of the Community Engagement Public Liaison are as follows:

  • Create and maintain networks between outside entities such as certified non-government organizations, nonprofit groups, student-led organizations, and other professional contacts.

  • Responsible for attending meetings with representatives from other entities and reporting back to the executive board. Additional executive members may attend the meeting.

Section X: The duties and responsibilities of the Policy Analyst are as follows:

  • Presenting views on current events that are effect or are affected by educational policies at member meetings

  • Organizing grassroots events on pressing ongoing current happenings that are determined to be necessary of action by members

Section XI: The duties and responsibilities of the Social Chair are as follows:   

  • Responsible for organizing all-inclusive events to bring members throughout the semester.

  • Create a positive environment for the members and executive board through fostering opportunity for friendships beyond work.

  • Work on the image of the organization in ways such as designing spirit wear.

Article V

Attendance Policies and Membership

Section I: Executive Board members are expected to participate in Books for a Benefit events unless there are other time conflicts due to classes, personal circumstances, or religious.

Section II: All executive board members must be present at the elections unless there are other time conflicts due to classes, personal circumstances, or religious.

Section III: In the event of an emergency, an executive board member may e-mail their vote for the election to an individual counting the ballots, prior to or on the day of the election. This e-mail must be printed so that it may be used as their official ballot.

Section IV: Members are expected to attend all meetings. In order to be considered a member, they must attend a minimum of three meetings.

Section VI: A $15-dollar membership dues must be payed in order to confirm membership in Books for a Benefit.

Section VII:  BFB is willing to accept any and all University of Michigan students who are willing to show passion towards our mission. Discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability,religion, height, weight, or veteran status will not be tolerated.


Article VI

Impeachment of Executive Board Members

Section I: If ANY executive board member fails to comply with their duties and responsibilities, as well as attending and helping with Books for a Benefit functions, they will be notified, both formally and informally, of their lack of participation.

Section II: If the member continues to ignore their participation with Books for a Benefit, the rest of the executive board reserves the right to call for a majority vote of impeachment for that individual.


Article VII


Section I: The executive board reserves the right to enforce amendments to the Books For A Benefit constitution if necessary.

Section II:  Any member, including executive board members, have the ability to submit an amendment as they see fit.

Section III: The amendment must be submitted in written form, approved buy a majority of the members of the organization, and then by a majority of the Executive board.

* Subject for further review, but will remain in place until next year elections. *


Books For A Benefit has read and agrees to adhere with the University's policies. We understand that once we are accepted as an organization all policies and protocol go into affect.