The ability for a child to have adequate reading resources should be a commonality in this generation, but it isn't. While there are children enjoying the luxuries of iPads, laptops, and phones- there are families and students who do not have the capacity to provide literacy materials in their home. There are students who come to kindergarten with the ability to write, while there are others who cannot even hold a book properly. Some might say this is intelligence- but where does this intelligence originate from? It's not genetic, it's about ACCESS. Some kids have a book and a parent to read it to them, others have no clue. Lack of literacy capabilities is linked to teenage pregnancy, incarceration, substance abuse, unemployment, and so much more. On October 24th we want to make a dent in the numbers. We want to raise thousands of dollars to purchase books and so much more for students who cannot afford it. We don't need to go far to do it- Detroit, Highland Park, Westland- these are our neighbors and these schools need our help. Provide $1, $100, $1000, whatever it is! With just one dollar you would be paying for one backpack for a student. Help us give kids the access they