Literacy Days are what BFB fundraises year-round for. On these days, BFB members travel together to an elementary or middle school in the metro-Detroit or Ann Arbor area. While the kids are in class, we set up stations with books and supplies, information sessions on higher education, bookmark making, games, and skits. When the kids arrive, they are giddy to receive their new backpacks and to hear what we have to say about the importance of literacy and how much fun reading truly is. 

Inside each child's backpack that they are given is two books, erasers, bookmarks, stickers, and a handwritten letter from a college student about how important literacy is and how far reading can take us in life. As the day progresses, this message is reinforced through all of the other fun stations. 

To date, we have had literacy days at Nolan Elementary School and Hoover Elementary School. To get involved in our next literacy day, keep an eye out for flyers on social media and the event date on the BFB calendar of this website! You can also get involved by donating children's books and donating on our GoFundMe page. Even just $1 pays for a backpack for an excited kid. 

We hope that you'll get involved!