Our mission is to promote a life-long appreciation for reading and intellectual exploration  amongst students in Southeastern Michigan and to address community-identified barriers to accessibility of literacy resources in order to support equitable opportunities in education.



The purpose of our organization has two components:
1. To  work with students and families across Southeastern Michigan to provide literacy resources, including children’s books and school supplies.

2. To build welcoming spaces (libraries) where books can be enjoyed and homework can be completed. Books for a Benefit seeks to establish a safe, comfortable, and accessible space wherein education can be supported.


Business Model

We redistribute reading books and build study and reading spaces in the community by utilizing volunteers and funds raised by private donors and local foundations in our area.



  • Mutualistic partnership that addresses community-identified needs

  • Cultural humility

  • Sustainability

  • Respect

  • Integrity 

  • Community empowerment