Books For A Benefit's New Stories From Students Page!

Hello All!

I'd like to welcome all of you to Books For A Benefit's Stories From Students page! Over the year, Books For A Benefit works with an incredible group of students who, more often than not, express themselves in a creative manner that simply needs to be shared with the world. Students, and BFB members/Affiliated Adults, will have the opportunity to publish their works on our website in order to showcase their talents and share their stories. 

By creating this blog on our website, the main goal Books For A Benefit is aiming towards is teaching our students, and adults,  that expression is a crucial aspect of character development and more often than not is under taught or suppressed in today's society. When it comes to our younger students, we'll also be focusing on writing development and improving overall sophistication of their own written works.

 To the start of a wonderful blog,