Community Chapter

Our youth volunteer chapters are self-governed youth community service cohorts that work directly with the non-profit to develop their ideas to address the issues we are working on.

All of our projects are designed and completed through the work of our youth volunteer chapters, with one chapter situated in Washtenaw County and another in Wayne County. At the heart of work is training and working with youth in the community to empower them to understand the issues within the education systems in our counties and state and work with them to develop solutions to the issues we are brought.


Claudia Hammoud

My name is Claudia and I’m a freshman at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I come from a family that is very involved in the community and a city that is passionate about creating a better future for the succeeding generation. It is because of these familial and communal values that I recognize the importance of education and how books play a major role in empowering our youth. As someone who feels empowered by my access to quality education, I feel it is my responsibility to give back and be a part of the academic success of the next generation.


Marwa Saad

I am currently a Junior at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Psychology. I am a pre-medical student, aspiring to become a physician. Books for a Benefit has very transparently displayed the implications of providing students with the resources to excel in their literacy skills. To me, Books for a Benefit has taught me that being exposed to basic literary resources has been taken for granted and that everyone deserves an equal chance at education.


Aziza Ghanem

I am Aziza Ghanem and I am a Pre-Social Work student. I have a passion for helping people, traveling, and social justice. I wanted to be apart of Books for a Benefit when I realized there was such a strong correlation between literacy and many social justice issues. The work we are doing is very cool. We recognize that we are planting the seeds of goodness and literacy in all the work we do.



Mariam Nasser

Hello, my name is Mariam Nasser and I am the Books for a Benefit Community Liaison. This organization is very important to me because it provides the means to bring literacy to various areas within the community. I am an avid reader myself and love the impact a good book can have. 



Library Building Chair

Celine Nasser

My name is Celine and I am currently a freshman at the University of Michigan Ann-Arbor, pursuing a degree in public health and French language.  My passion for public service and education have led me in the direction of Books for a Benefit. BFB is a transparent and honest organization that really focuses on promoting literacy and a love of learning in the communities it serves. I am excited to collaborate with different community groups and spaces to give each child equal access to books and learning.

Literacy Day Coordinator

Marwah Ayache

I will be graduating this year from Madonna University with a secondary teaching certificate. I will be able to teach social studies and English to grades 6-12. I am the Literacy Day Chair for the Books for a Benefit Community Chapter. This organization speaks to me because of its mission to help students improve their literacy interests and increase their reading levels. This is extremely important to me after seeing firsthand the impact and importance of literacy and reading among students during school placements and tutoring. My involvement and knowledge of literacy has increased through my coursework, my placement experience, and Students Helping Students.


Rima Saad

My name is Rima Saad and I am currently a senior at Fordson High School. At Fordson I sit on the student executive board serving as Vice President, member of National Honor Society, Link Crew, and apart of the Diversity Committee. With all these involvement inside the school I help to better Books For a Benefit by connecting school and the organization together and encouraging my fellow classmates to get involved. Outside of school, I currently work on a congressional campaign and with many other elected officials to help better our community by expanding and spreading the mission of Books for Benefit.