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         Health Alliance Plan

HAP is a Michigan-based, nonprofit health plan that provides health coverage to individuals, companies and organizations. We partner with doctors, employers and community groups to enhance the overall health and well-being of the lives we touch. With more than 1,100 dedicated and passionate employees, our goal is to make health care easy for our members. From the way we help answer their questions, to the extensive list of doctors and hospitals we work with, to all of the valuable benefits we include in our plans, our members are at the heart of all that we do.


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HYPE-HA-Logo-2-01-e1514926918603.png                                    Hype Recreational Center

The Mission of HYPE Athletics Community is to create and strengthen infrastructures that support the positive development of Wayne County youth through athletic participation and competition, educational tutoring and literacy development, and social awareness including mentoring, counseling, life skills training and substance abuse education and prevention.

                    Ninja Number


The young engineer had been busy putting his engineer skills to good use by building voice platforms for big companies. The Scottish salesman had recently moved to the United States to seek the best sales opportunity he could find and land a gig at a corporate company. They crossed paths the way most people do – by chance.

The ninja came along later.


One night they were at the local bar after the salesman was checking on his clients, one of whom was the engineer.

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80a7d658cd9f7e67cb149789eb98d044.png                    The Lava Lounge

The Lava Lounge is a renowned gathering spot in Dearborn Heights with a great selection of aromatic hookah provided by knowledgeable staff. Comfortable booths line the outside of the room, while seating and leather armchairs abound. Outdoor seating is available with heated lamps as needed.
We invite you to experience the hospitality of the Lava group. We look forward to serving you soon.

venture-title-agency-logo.png                           Venture Title Agency

Venture Title Agency will strive for excellent and efficient title service. Our mission is to accommodate each and every one of our clients to provide a great and smooth transaction. We are committed to providing our clients with the best and utmost courteous service. We embrace excellent service with new forms of technology to facilitate satisfaction in each and every transaction.

                  Substance Abuse Coalition 

SAFE aims to lead and support the Greater Dearborn community to dispel the myths and stigmas about drug addiction through public education, sharing stories of recovery, partnering with local and state leaders to advocate for our cause, creating positive social changes and providing recovery support services for those in need.

Ladird-logo-1-1.png         The Ladies of the ICA

The Ladies of the ICA is an organization of women of all ages who share the same passion and determination to further the mission of our Islamic Center. Our members orchestrate a number of events which provide financial, social and religious support through community engagement.


We are;

-A family owned business

-2016 Detroit Burger Brawl Champions

-Passionate about our food and service

                                    Super Greenland Market

Grocery, Dairy, Halal Meat, Halal Deli, Bakery, Money Orders, Bill Payments, Mail Pick-up, Government check cashing, Phone Cards & Cigarettes, Western Union… AND MUCH MORE

assured-half-page-ad.jpg                             Hasan Abbas

Born and raised in the city of Dearborn, Hasan is a proud member of the local community. Education has always been an important factor, both in class and real world experience. Hasan graduated from Dearborn High School, continued to Albion College, completed his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Michigan Dearborn. Upon completion, Hasan continued on to earn his Masters Degree in Business Administration, as well as his Masters Degree in Finance, while landing himself on the Dean’s List. Hasan also has his real estate license which gives him an edge in the mortgage industry.